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About Us

The Metropolitan Ice Rink Managers’ Association, was founded at the May 1975 Ice Skating Institute of America (ISIA) Conference held in St. Louis, MO. MIRMA at that time was part of the Mid-Atlantic District, and became an association within the district; it was not until the ISIA redistricted that MIRMA became a district of its own. Some of the members from our area that attended the St. Louis meeting at that historic time were as follows: Richard Arenella, Robert Beringer, H. C. “Skip” Butler, James T. Bryan, Fritz Dietl, Richard Geyer, Marie Kelton, Robert Kelton, (President of the ISIA 1973 -1975), Peter Martell, Paul McInnis, Marc Nelson, Robert C. Reinhardt and James Tester.


Marc Nelson reported the Mid-Atlantic District meeting, attended by 28 people. Discussion was held on the subject of better coverage in member communications. Elected to serve as district representatives were marc Nelson (re-elected) for the 1975-77 term and Paul McInnis for the year 1975-76. District Representative Marc Nelson Section Chairs were Fritz Dietl, PSGA Section, Robert Reinhardt, and Publicly Owned Rinks Section. Conference Speakers from our area were: H. C. “Skip” Butler, Paul McInnis, Marc Nelson.


MIRMA, which holds regular scheduled meetings during the year to discuss problems of common interest and seminars for the exchange of information and ideas, is composed of ice rinks located in District 3 of the Ice Skating Institute and includes facilities in New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester County and Poughkeepsie. MIRMA has hosted many instructor and management seminars over the years. Some of the topics were Zamboni maintenance, Air Quality, Ice resurfacers, ice painting, energy and the everyday maintenance of the ice surface and machine rooms.


As a member of the ISIA (now the Ice Sports Industry - ISI), MIRMA is very active. Several of our members have held high office in the ISI, such as President Bob Kelton, 1st Vice President Lyn Markowitz, 2nd Vice President Gerry Hart and Treasurer Richard Arenella. Kevin McCormack is the current ISI Treasurer and Lisa Fedic is the current 2nd Vice President.

While the majority of our members are also members of the ISI, this is not a requirement for MIRMA membership. We would, however, hope that you would eventually join the ISI and take advantage of the many programs available to your rink through a membership in the ISI.

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